Credit Application

Approve Your Credit at Yonge North Mitsubishi!

Purchasing a vehicle can be an effective way to help you build your credit. Most often, applying for credit through a dealership can get you access to the best possible lease and finance rates for your new vehicle. Yonge North Mitsubishi is here to help you get the car loan you need.

Yonge North Mitsubishi Finance Center has developed a set of customized financial solutions and in-depth expertise that can fit your needs for short or long term financing & leasing. We are specializing for Credit Challenge Approval (Bad credit & No Credit).

Start the financing process with our dedicated car loan and lease specialists right away by contacting us at, we'll be happy to address your questions and concerns and get you set-up for a fast pre-approval.

We respect your privacy and ensure that all provided information will only be used to help you drive away in your next car. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us online or by phone at (905) 770-0005.




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